32 Degrees Services



               Air Conditioning • Refrigeration • Ice Machines

32 Degrees Services brings over 25 years of providing customer-driven solutions in the areas of Heating and Cooling, Refrigeration, Ice Machines and Consulting.  At 32 Degrees Services, our number one priority is complete customer satisfaction.  We love serving customers in Dade County and Broward County by helping them experience exceptional, quality-driven customer service.  

Whether you need to replace your air conditioner, tune-up your existing unit or receive professional consulting regarding upcoming projects around the home or within your business, 32 Degrees Services is ready to come alongside as a reliable partner.  We specialize in residential and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration solutions and ice machines.  We can help you find the right Air Quality Sizing specifications for your residence or place of business.  

We offer HVAC Financing through GE to make sure you as a customer remain comfortable while managing your budget.  Our partnerships with leading manufactures and distributors gives us the unique ability to offer you the highest quality service and selection at very competitive prices.  

Give us a call today and experience the difference, 305-625-3232.